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Music Class in First Grade

In first grade, the children take turns playing the lyre while their classmates walk with graceful balance. They are doing their best to quietly listen to the music and respect each others personal space.  First Grade Music Class

In the Classroom 12/9/2016

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="36" gal_title="20161209IntheClassroom"] First Snow Students enjoyed playing in our very first snow of the year! Early childhood students built a snowman (and one of them was caught sampling the snowman's nose!) Grades children enjoyed a massive snowball fight. Waldorf…

In the Classroom 11/11/2016

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="33" gal_title="20161111IntheClassroom"] Recess Fun A spontaneous mixed-age game of jumping from stump to stump around the fire ring during recess! Wonder Garden Wonder Garden children finishing up their lanterns for the upcoming lantern walk. Apple Blossom Garden Shown here,…

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