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As our pilot program for service learning continues, students are engaging in some wonderful community activities.

As part of our service learning curriculum, the seventh and eighth grade class is developing a relationship with the residents of Liberty Arms Independent Living Center in Wauconda. Last week they played bingo, learning many new versions from the residents. Much fun was had by all. This week it was their turn to teach. In groups of three, the students worked to help the seniors create window stars to make the most use of precious winter sunlight.

47180a5c a16b 430c afc2 44aef61cc40b 1Early Childhood

A week ago these children could find any puddle or muddy area on the playground, now they are finding any patch of ice. Time to work hard at chipping and chopping for ice crystals! Determined work!

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Six more weeks of winter—no matter! The first grade students are knitting warm wool scarves!

5aea0a2a da1c 4d9e 9186 f805cb8b1ed21st & 2nd Grades: Winter Hike

First and second grade families and friends met on the trails of Lakewood Forest Preserve for a winter hike and a sip of cocoa.

6c36b2e1 f02b 4e35 a4f0 d581007629b02nd Grade: Reading, Painting & Math

The second graders enjoyed taking turns reading together this week. What fun they had sharing the story!

In our painting lesson, we recalled a Native American legend. As Silver Fox and Coyote created the world and all its living things, they found harmony and chaos, strength and weakness, until at last balance was achieved. So, too, did the children find this experience as we played with color on the page.

First and second grades have now combined for Morning Lesson, and in our math block together we are learning how the four processes relate to and oppose each other.

D4639048 1798 46f8 8117 ee229a1549ac2nd Grade: Handwork

There is a pride of lions in the second grade!

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The third graders have completed their beautifully-crocheted flute cases!

4f309b71 0be8 4ead 9a59 507b25e7c1883rd Grade: Grammar

A grammar lesson via the story about a princess receiving one grain of rice as a reward.

C6a52902 be32 42e5 a73d 1c32628f5be14th Grade: Extra Lesson

Fourth grade Extra Lesson class explored fractions using line painting. First the top and bottom halves are painted, then the center is found as the secondary color.

B0ac73fd 5102 40f7 807b a929ee76c9564th Grade: Pizza

The fourth grade made pizza in celebration of all of the work they've done with fractions this year. They measured, shredded, stirred, and worked very hard. They all agreed it was a fun lesson, and enjoyed eating the fruits of their labor!

Fd7b3fc8 376d 45e1 966d d23595598345 15th & 6th Grades: Class Play

The fifth and sixth grades have been working hard on their upcoming class play—a retelling of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone.

Join us this Friday at 7pm!

903c925a 4a00 43d5 8ec2 125b9f8d5eaa7th & 8th Grades: Geometry

To conclude their work with geometry, the seventh and eighth grade class constructed an elaborate dodecahedron over the course of two days. The students were then given a third day to reconstruct the form—from start to finish—on their own.

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