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Music Class in First Grade

In first grade, the children take turns playing the lyre while their classmates walk with graceful balance. They are doing their best to quietly listen to the music and respect each others personal space.  First Grade Music Class

5th Grade - Pentathlon Training

Our fifth graders have been hard at work preparing for the Pentathlon. They depart Monday morning for Camp Whitcomb Mason in Wisconsin where they will compete with other fifth grade Waldorf students from the region. They will display their abilities…

2nd & 3rd Grades - Glimpses

Last week the second and third grade class visited Old World Wisconsin to learn about trades and machinery of the past. This trip was a perfect companion to the Living on Earth elements of the Waldorf curriculum which focuses on…

Early Childhood - Tree Climbing

Our early childhood students have been enjoying tree climbing and the recent warm weather. Not only did they climb the tree, they also learned how to listen to its wisdom. It loves hugs as much as the kids themselves!

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