School Supply List

Early Childhood Supply List


Please be mindful that all items for school are media/character free and of solid colors/simple design or pattern. Due to limited space please use the baskets provided in the hallway for extra clothing and indoor shoes and leave backpacks at home. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

It is imperative that ALL of the following items be labeled clearly with your child’s name.

Indoor shoes to be changed into for inside time. Should be secure-fitting and comfortable for play and to wear outside in emergency evacuations. Please make sure your child will wear them. Please, no slippers as these fall off feet during active play and are not approved for outdoor wear in emergencies.

2 Sets of Extra Clothes ~ pair of socks, underwear, shirt, pants, sweater or sweatshirt in a Ziploc bag, please, put your child’s name on the bag and label all the items. We request the extra clothes to be kept inside at school in your child’s basket along with their indoor shoes

Water bottle ~ one that can hang on a coat hook and be taken home daily for cleaning and refilling.

Proper clothing for all weather – Due to the time we spend outdoors, it is especially important that children are prepared for all weather. Good quality rain gear (rain jackets and pants or suits and rain boots) and snow/winter gear (snow pants/suits, winter coats,boots, gloves,hats,scarves, long underwear etc) will be essential. Please contact me if you can volunteer to work on getting a discount “bulk’ order for rain gear.

Here is an example of rain gear.

Students enrolled in Extended Day (12:30-3:30PM) need two small blankets for a cot at nap time and a pillow, to be used on this cot. The blankets should be a size that can cover your child’s body but small enough for him/her to fold and not take up too much space. If your child feels a need to rest with their stuffed animal, we request that it be just one, which stays on their cots along with their blankets. These stay at school, and you are responsible for taking them home over breaks to clean and return.

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