Dear Parents,

Below is a peek into last week’s  goings-on in the school. There are so many things to say, but here are just a few to share. It is a joy to greet and teach your children each day!

From the DVWS Faculty

1st Grade

Baking lettersBlock: Qualities of Number. Students are discovering the truth of numbers in nature- the rose and the apple are 5, the honeycomb is 6 and the clover is 3- or 4 if you are lucky!

Math Skills: Reinforcement of number sense through body geography and movement- step counting and jumping rhythms.

Language Arts Skills: Developing and continuing phonetic awareness. The students are collecting items and sorting them by beginning sound and letter.

Spanish: Hansel and Gretel story, and numbers from 1-20.

Movement:  Seasonal cooperative games.

Handwork: Learning how to cast on stitches.

Music: Learning soft breath for excellent flute playing skills!

Extra Lesson: Left to right tracking. Awareness of feet and hands.

Other Highlights:

The class  baked bread in the shapes of letters, and continued its weekly contemplative nature walk.

2nd Grade

2nd grade math boardBlock: Math: Addition and subtraction in the vertical. Number bonds. Introduction of larger numbers, all in the context of Native American and saint stories and legends.

Math Skills: Repetition of math facts up to 12. Review and continuation of place value.

Language Arts Skills: Consonant blends and vowel usage and exceptions.

Spanish: Stone Soup, numbers 1-100, and preparation for Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead.

Movement:  Seasonal cooperative games.

Handwork: Finishing knitted lions.

Music: Singing in “call and response” style; pentatonic flute playing.

Extra Lesson: Bilateral integration through movement. Point and Periphery painting exercise.

3rd and 4th Grade

3rd grade girls crochetBlock: Math: Review of long division and measurement.

Math Skills: Assembling and using scales- finding balance. Times tables reinforcement. Ongoing visual and mental math- thinking on your feet in time and visualizing an equation.

Language Arts Skills: Reading for content and comprehension. Preparing a first book report.

Spanish: Joseph and His Brothers, fall season, Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead.

Movement: Introduction of skill-based and boundary games.

Handwork: Starting to crochet a flute case. (see photo)

Music: Singing in quodlibet (Latin for “as it pleases”) in preparation for singing in rounds, and playing diatonic “c” flute.

3_4 counting coins

5th and 6th Grade

Astronomy blackboardBlock: Astronomy. Movement of the Sun. Students observe where the sun rises and sets each day.

Math Skills: Metric Measurement.

Language Arts Skills: Spelling review. Noun and adjective classification.

5_6 extra lesson star

Spanish: The Adventurers! Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead.

Movement:  5th - pentathlon introduction and endurance training.
5th and 6th - endurance training through mile-long runs, and kickball.

Handwork: 5th- knitting swatches before beginning to knit socks. 6th- hand sewing and embroidering handwork bag.

Music: Singing in parts; recorder playing in parts.

Orchestra: Working with rhythm and more difficult time signatures.

Extra Lesson: Upper and lower body movement differentiation. Spatial planning through form drawing.

Day of dead drawing

7th and 8th Grade

Math Skills: Group 1-Pre-algebra introduction.  Group 2- Algebra 1

Block: Organic Chemistry. Experimenting in the kitchen with sugars, starches and proteins.

Spanish: South American culture and geography, and Dia de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead.

Movement:   Building endurance running a mile; archery.

Handwork: Machine sewing and pattern planning.

Music: Choral music reading and recorder ensemble in parts.

Orchestra: Syncopated rhythm and sight reading.

Fall nature table

Early Childhood

Exploring fall's beauty in nature
on hikes and in play.

Making lanterns for Martinmas.

Autumn songs and rhymes.

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