In the classroom 5/6/2017

Early Childhood: Kite Flying

A sunny, windy May day is perfect for flying a kite with the early childhood children!

In the classroom 5/6/20171st Grade: Spring

Spring is in the air, and in the first grade painting lesson of a blossom, and on the chalkboard for their enjoyment.

In the classroom 5/6/20171st & 2nd Grades: Arithmetic Block

The first and second graders have been busy in their final arithmetic block of the year. Native American "Why Stories," or fables, have brought an imaginative approach to place value, the multiplication tables, and working more with all four process.

Pictured are:

Napa Old Man, the Creator, warmed by the fire in his mossy lodge.
Napa Old Man's tree helps us keep track of place value.

In the classroom 5/6/20173rd Grade: Farming

The third grade awaits the arrival of green shoots as they begin a farming block.

In the classroom 5/6/20174th Grade: Maps

During our local geography block, the fourth graders have learned about the various types of maps. This is ones students birds-eye map from his home to school.

In the classroom 5/6/20175th & 6th Grades: Physics

Physics is fun—and beautiful too! The children were delighted to behold this unique color experience. It was demonstrated during our study of light.

In the classroom 5/6/20177th & 8th Grades: Annual Class Trip

The seventh and eighth graders have spent the last week on an adventure to Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois and St. Louis, MO. Stay tuned for details of their adventures next week, but here is a sneak peek.

We hope you enjoyed In the Classroom 5/6/2017!
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