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The children and early childhood are enjoying cracking ice crystals and eating them!

This week we also enjoyed a fire on the play yard.

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Early childhood is preparing for Valentine's day!

F1850650 368f 4602 b611 c32fb5d899afEarly Childhood: Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oak kindergartners strengthen their skills during their weekly class. Coordination, balance, and spatial awareness are developed when toes and feet are put to work.

13259d1d d812 4408 b752 7c96d2314c151st & 2nd Grades: Owl in the Classroom!

The first and second grades had two very special visitors in their classroom this week: Miss Jen from the Lake County Forest Preserve District and an owl!

Miss Jen brought their rescued screech owl for the children to meet and learn about. She also brought many more exciting teaching skins (taxidermy items) that the children could touch with "one wiggly worm finger." Before leaving, Miss Jen and the screech owl left us two small presents. Stay tuned next week to see what they were!

Many thanks to LCFPD and Miss Jen for their "Owls in the Classroom" program!Cleardot

8a23e519 8974 4856 bb84 4db67df01f3c3rd Grade: Imagination

As we know, regular rhythm and good work habits are important factors in children's lives that pave their way to the larger world. But we couldn’t live without imagination! This lovely note was left by the third graders for Mrs. English after their Wednesday afternoon chores.

6032ee80 8a4f 4676 98a9 f72ce8b39b274th Grade: Puppet Shows

Throughout the year, the fourth graders have been reading books with various themes and presenting creative book reports on them. The most current project was to create a puppet show of a scene from their historical fiction books. They were encouraged to use their creative powers to come up with puppets and props and some children even collaborated to make a stage! It is encouraging and exciting to see them work together and express themselves in such a unique way.

090231c7 14ee 4102 9310 668c3ff8daf45th & 6th Grades: Class Play

The fifth and sixth graders have been working hard on their class play—a retelling of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone. They performed their dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon for the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th graders, and on Friday evening they performed for everyone. They did a fantastic job, and their hard work really showed!

If you have photos of the play experience, including rehearsals, children in costumes, set making, the curtain call, or after the show, please email them to Elisa Kraus for inclusion in the gallery and use in the yearbook. Thank you!

Be1377e5 2a83 4a4f 83ac 1e5cb325f9a98th Grade: Handwork

This week the eighth graders finished their first garment in handwork class. All working from the same pattern, each student's individual personality and design skill really shines through.

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