Old Stomping Grounds

Last week the 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders went for a “hike” to their old stomping grounds from kindergarten. Newer students heard the stories from those who had build forts and hideouts in these woods. A good time was had by all! Img_4492


3rd Grade Crocheted Hats

The third graders have completed their final handwork project for the year—crocheted hats, which are on display in the foyer of the school. The hats were crocheted from plant-dyed wool yarn, which is beautiful as well as useful. Each hat is fitted to each child's own head (they measure as they go!) During the course of our year together they have followed the thread in a circular way, from the inside outward, first with the flute cases, then a round, flat mat, then the final project, the hat. The hats are formed in the same way, with the same motions as the first two projects. In a way each hat serves as a "roof" for the head of the child, following all they have learned in main lesson about the different dwellings of the peoples of the world.Img_4487

3rd Grade—Cricket & Teamwork

The third graders played cricket this past Monday. Not only is it wonderful physical activity and lots of fun, but we have been honoring the interests of our students by partaking in things they love to do. Cricket is the favorite sport of one of our students. While cricket has scoring and some competitive aspects, we focused our time on the teamwork aspect of the game, as opposed to competing individually. Img_3353

8th Grade Physiology

Clay modeling the ear, in tandem with learning its physiology. 20160514_172247

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