Class Update: 2nd & 3rd Grades

The 2nd and 3rd grade have been experiencing busy, creative days. We have just wrapped up our shelter block, and the students have created together two class projects, an igluviak house of snow, and an Earth Lodge. Their independent shelter projects are due after returning from Memorial Day. Each child will choose to build one of the 15 different types of shelters we covered in class this year.The class also just completed seeding and planting the garden for the spring. Three of the raised beds are dedicated to our classroom work. We are in the process of hatching chicks and expect a dozen or so to hatch, if all goes well. The eggs need to be kept around 100-102 degrees, turned 3 times daily, and kept dry. It is a big responsibility! We are anticipating a blessed day on Wednesday the 27th, when the chicks are due to begin pipping out of their shells. The composting worms in the classroom continue to thrive on our lunch scraps. They especially like the days we give them
coffee grounds.

This class continues to be a vivacious group of children eager to learn and experience!

We are currently hearing the story of the Hebrew people, and having one last block of drama. Our class play will be "The 12 Points of Punctuation," and the children are excited about this production.

We have had very interesting field trips this spring. We visited McGraw Wildlife Center to experience maple tapping through history and animal shelters. While there, we met another Waldorf class, and they have since become our pen pals. During our measurement block, we went to Ambrosia Patisserie. We have been to work at Schaumburg Park District's Spring Valley Living History Farm, and we spent a whole day at Sweet Meadow Stables, mucking out stalls, dispersing feed for horses, and enjoying a horse back riding lesson.

The 3rd graders, their teacher and parent chaperone Erik Stokes will be leaving for a weeklong farming trip to Angelic Organics, a biodynamic farm in Caledonia IL, where we will join two other 3rd grade Waldorf Schools in the Chicago Suburbs (including some of our pen pals.) While the 3rd grade is gone, the 2nd grade will lovingly receive more fables from Mrs. Paczynski, who will be leading their morning lessons. The 2nd graders can look forward to a Farm Trip next year as well.
It has been a great year full of new and rewarding experiences. Come join us next year!

Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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