Best Age to Start Preschool For Your Child

A Developmentally Appropriate Approach to Starting Academics

What is the optimal age to start preschool for your child?

At Da Vinci Waldorf School, children must be 3 years old by May 31st to attend preschool and 6 years old by May 31st to attend 1st grade.
Why do we do it this way?
It is a common belief that the earlier children receive academic instruction, the better. Today, the opposite is proving to be true. Research shows children moved ahead in academics fall behind academically and emotionally and end up staying behind their older peers.
One study shows that postponing the start of kindergarten by one year has mental health advantages. Children are given time to learn to self-regulate and manage their attention so they can accept the start of formal academic instruction.
Rudolph Steiner said:
“Each child in every age brings something new into the world from divine regions, and it is our task as educators to remove bodily and psychical obstacles out of the way; to remove hindrances so that the spirit may enter in full freedom into life.”
Here at Da Vinci Waldorf School, our job is to nurture the child through consideration of developmental readiness and reduced academic pressure. This is one of the many things that align us with the Waldorf philosophy, making Da Vinci Waldorf School a truly unique and special place for children to thrive.
Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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