Snacktime Magic: A Peek into Waldorf Education and Our Early Childhood Recipe Book

Snacktime in a Waldorf early childhood classroom

It's a thing. And it's delicious.

Children and teachers spend a good portion of their morning devoted to snack in a Waldorf classroom.

From baking bread to hand shaking their own butter to setting the table to saying a blessing, students come to expect the beautiful ritual that is snacktime.

There is more to this time of the school day than just delicious food. Snacktime serves as an “inbreath” to the children’s daily rhythm.

Each day is assigned a different grain. This helps the children establish a rhythm and a security in their school day and week.

A snack schedule at Da Vinci Waldorf School:

Day One: granola, yogurt, almond butter, apples and sunflower seeds

Day Two: millet, liquid aminos, sunflower seeds, cheese, kale sprinkles

Day Three: bread day with butter, oranges, and cheese

Day Four: rice, lentils, pistachios, cucumbers, sauerkraut, and liquid aminos (recipe below)

Day Five: oatmeal, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, apples, syrup, and almond milk

Nutritious, whole foods are prepared and children of all ages assist with making the snack.
Children are able to knead dough with their hands, roll out dough with a rolling pin, mix with a wooden spoon, measure ingredients with measuring cups, and cut vegetables with a “crinkle cutter” such as this one.

Nursery rhymes or songs are often used for those particularly long tasks, such as shaking cream to make butter!

Beauty abounds in a Waldorf classroom and the snack table is no different.
You will often find branches hung above the table and various seasonal decor hanging from the branches such as dried leaves in the fall or pinecones in the winter. The table is set with glass cups, ceramic dishes, and metal utensils. Beautiful linens are on display – and you may even see a vase of fresh flowers!

Children help to set the table and pour water into glasses. After saying the blessing, children eat quietly as snacktime is a time to slow down and be mindful of the nourishing food we put into our bodies.

Snacktime with hot soup and bread in the waldorf parent child class.
Feeling hungry?

Check out the rice recipe from our Early Childhood 25th Anniversary Recipe Book below.

Rice recipe

For the golden corn for the apples on the trees

For the golden butter and honey from the bees

For fruits and nuts and berries that grow beside the way 

For birds and bees and flowers we give our thanks each day

Blessings on our snack and on each other

And peace on earth the home for all

The secret to all of the delicious recipes in our Early Childhood Recipe Book are loving hands, kind hearts, and joyful songs!

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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