Sunflower Garden - Dear Parents

Greetings, dear parents; Happy Halloween!

"Grow, grow, grow for me;
grow as big as big can be
so I may make for Halloween
the finest lantern ever seen
... ... ...
Gnome, gnome, good root gnome
May I take your turnip home
so I may make for Halloween
the finest lantern ever seen"
The children have enjoyed this story, with interactive singing, about a boy who wants to put a candle in his turnip. Family and friends try and try to help him pull it up from the ground... a favorite seasonal story about teamwork and permission.
We also enjoyed a little singing/movement story in circle time about a witch who doesn't want to share her soup with anyone! Aside from the obvious moral about sharing, musically this story-song is an exploration of soft(spooky!) and LOUD! "...and the wind blew all around the house: ooo-OOO-ooo".
We have welcomed a new student to our class; he is now our youngest "Mighty Oak" Kindergartner. Please greet him and his parents warmly when you see them!
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Morgan Branson
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