6th, 7th & 8th Grades—Class Trip to Ohiopyle State Park

The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders went on their class trip to Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania last week.

Class trips in Waldorf Schools are curricular in nature and begin in the 3rd grade, once the children are approaching the 9-year change. In the 3rd grade the class takes their first trip—the farm trip, which is usually a three or four day trip to a nearby farm to see, learn and work. As the students get older, the trips push further and further out into the world, going farther in distance as well as becoming longer in length.

This year we traveled about nine hours by car and van to a beautiful area filled with flowing rivers and natural waterfalls. The 6th graders studied geology this year, and the 8th graders studied American History, and this trip tied into both of these subjects beautifully. We hiked and explored many natural areas, went white water rafting, and even tried a naturally-formed water slide! On the third day of the trip we enjoyed an amazing tour of "Falling Waters," the Frank Loyd Wright house built directly on a waterfall. The students had a workshop afterward, where they had an opportunity to explore their architectural skills.

It was a thoroughly fascinating adventure all around!

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