5th Grade Pentathlon

The study of ancient civilizations in 5th grade culminates in ancient Greece. As part of this study, the students learn discus throwing, javelin throwing, long jump, Greek wrestling, and relay foot racing in their movement education classes. They then join other 5th grade classes from several area Waldorf schools to compete in these events at the annual pentathlon.

Eden, Sebastian and Liam represented Da Vinci Waldorf School with reverence and enthusiasm in the Midwest Waldorf Greek Pentathlon this week, May 18-20. Eighty-nine students from local schools (and as far away as Missouri and California) gathered to compete in Hartland, Wisconsin. As per tradition, the students arrived at camp without knowing which city-state they would call home for the event. Once selected, students suited up in their city-state colors. We were honored by the presence of Athena and Zeus, who saw to it that all participants upheld their oath.

Our small, but mighty group made us extremely proud! Congratulations to Eden and Sebastian for bringing home laurel crowns for beauty in running.

Many thanks to all who helped make this event special for all the students! Thanks to Joe Anderson and Brittany Jraisat for playing Zeus and Athena. This was a special treat for children and adults alike! After Zeus called out, "Let the games begin!" the gods watched over the competitors. Thanks to Tuly Faden, our upper grades Movement and Farm teacher, and Claudia Lenart, alum parent (Johnny Hochreck, Class of '13), for taking three days out of their busy schedules to do the difficult job of judging. Thanks to Missy Byrne and Kathy Paczynski (and Jeffrey Paczynski, Class of '15) for attending as class teacher and Pentathlon coach and patiently leading the kids through this amazing experience.
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