7th Grade - In the Classroom 1/10/2020

6th & 7th Grades - Latin America

The 6th and 7th grades finished up their block on Latin America with individual research projects on a country of their choice. We had a great representation of the region—from Chile to Mexico! Students brought food and other cultural artifacts, such as a handmade llama representing the llamas of Peru, and shared their findings with their classmates and teachers. It was an exciting way to end the block!

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7th grade - in the classroom 1/10/2020 9
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7th grade - in the classroom 1/10/2020 10

5th, 6th & 7th Grades - Secret Santa

The fifth, sixth, and seventh graders drew names for Secret Santa exchange this year. They had a blast at the final party and the revealing of identities.

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7th grade - in the classroom 1/10/2020 11
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7th grade - in the classroom 1/10/2020 12
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