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Grade School Diwali Festival

In conjunction with our Lantern Walk, our grade school students enjoyed a beautiful, magical Diwali celebration on Wednesday night. Students heard a story of Diwali. Beautiful Rangoli artwork was created near the entrance of the school. First through third grade students made and deco
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Grades 1-3 Lantern Walk

Our Martinmas celebration: Children worked hard during the week, making their lanterns for this special night. Grade school children gathered for baked potatoes and cookies, then families joined in to share a reverent time of song and of carrying our lights, literally and figuratively
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DVWS, Recipient of Two Grants

Grant #1: Soon the unsightly garage will benefit from a Waldorf School’s Fund grant of $4600. Plans to improve the use and appearance of the space will be submitted to the township for approval. The school hopes to transform the garage into a partial pavilion and storage system. The s
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8th Grade Vision Quest Challenge

Annual Coming of Age Activity, October 24-26, 2015 By Kathy Paczynski Coming of age activities and rituals are common in many cultures, but not as much in the US. At Da Vinci Waldorf School, we celebrate the child’s development at all ages, and this is an important milestone: the begi
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