Sunflower Garden News * Summer Vacation 2009

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

Thank you for your kind words, hugs, and positive expressions of what our school year together has meant for your child and family. Your gratitude is such a gift for me as is the love I feel from your children. That is my greatest reward for this work I do. Thanks to all who donated to the Faculty Education Fund in honor of Ms. Nicole and me. The teachers in our school work tirelessly and for very modest pay. This fund helps to see that anyone wishing to attend training and professional development workshops has funds available for this. This gift gives right back to our school and children!

Our departing kindergarten students have gifted us with new placemats for the classroom and a new carpet sweeper. Thanks to the Peterson, Stokes, DePue-Renollet, and Howard families for this.

I wish you all a wonderful summer full of much joy and adventure. I'll do my best to rest and replenish so I can return to your children in the fall with fresh energy and enthusiasm for another year!

In closing, I share the closing words of our morning circle:

"The Earth is firm beneath my feet. The sun shines bright above,
And here I stand so straight and strong. All things to know and love."


Donna Brooks

Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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