Sunflower Garden News * Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Families,

Thank you all for your support this school year. Our kindergarten children have crossed the bridge and are excited about their adventures into first grade for next year. The children staying in our garden are also very full of love and joy right not. I've been hugged and kissed so much this past week. It's like we're all getting our fill before a summer apart. But rest assured we'll come together this summer. My hope is to have a forest preserve picnic for our families returning next year and our incoming families and students. I'll keep you posted as to the date and location of this play, play, play date.

We bid farewell to our students going to first grade, and we also bid farewell to two students who've been in our garden the past two years. One student will join her big brother and sister at their charter school at Prairie Crossing. I will miss their family very much. The parents brought their oldest daughter to our school back when I first began teaching here. Fond memories from long ago that lead up to beholding their young daughter's beautiful smile and singing now. Another family is moving this summer, so today I washed their daughter's feet for the last time in our lavender bath in Extended Day. My how those feet have grown since she was three! I will miss her very much, but we are promised a visit whenever they return to Illinois! Best wishes to both families. You are in our hearts.

Children will be taking home bags with all their school belongings on Thursday and Friday. Be sure to pick these up this week and check our lost and found for any other items to go home.

Additionally, I will have some tending, cleaning and ironing projects for any motivated summer workers!! Come pick up a bag to tend, wash, and/or iron and return some time during June and July. I'll be giving away bags tomorrow and on Friday after the picnic. Oh yeh!!! Deep cleaning will happen in August, so let me know if you're inspired for this when the time comes. All this is our effort to create and keep a clean, beautiful, safe space for these children. This is our home away from home.
Please extend a thank you to Kristin DePue, who served as our Room Parent this year. She has been a great support to the teachers and to our program, and I appreciate all her efforts. Anyone interested in taking on this PTO function for next year, please let me know.

Have a wonderful summer vacation! Breathe out!!

Donna Brooks

Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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