In the Classroom 12/2/2016

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3028277a 6ece 41b2 b2ed 0bf0e3a97153Early Childhood: Fine Motor Skills

An early childhood class works on fine motor activities by cutting little squares of felt and sewing them onto a strand. The activity also offers a lovely experience of touch and color. This is a craft for the holidays!

104aa59e 07ea 4a7a beb5 fb8725d1ceab1st & 2nd Grades: Advent

First and Second Grades enjoy the quiet beauty of our Advent-themed nature table. This time of anticipation is honored in our classroom as we help Mary on her star path, open a new door each day on our Advent calendar, and light a new candle on the chalk tree drawing.

C2aaf7f5 5553 449a 8a57 b74d2d55c2864th Grade: Zoology

The class has entered into our fourth block of the year, "Human and Animal" (zoology). It has been an incredible block so far. This first week has focused on animals associated with the head--mostly sea animals and invertebrates such as the octopus, cuttlefish and oyster. Next week we will move on to those that we associate with the trunk, and then the limbs.This first block will focus on relating each animal to the human being (hence head, trunk and limbs) in a way that speaks to the child's imagination. It has been exciting to share details of these animals with the class and a great gift hearing what they already know about them as well!

50b8368f 16f7 420b 828f 1e6404337d705th & 6th Grades: Ancient Egypt

This week the fifth and sixth graders experienced the challenge of creating pyramids through clay modeling.

Cabac9e8 ffc0 4191 b839 b2bda4e8f1e47th & 8th Grades: Human Physiology

This week the seventh and eighth graders looked at how the human organism is organized—from the smallest cell to systems of related organs—working together to sustain life.

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