In the Classroom 11/25/2016

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Img 2150 2Wonder Garden

Sprouting and tending seeds in the Wonder Garden classroom.

Img 2721Early Childhood

Our kindergarten classrooms enjoy a cup of warm tea to begin the day as we use our hands to warm beeswax to model into treasures. This week the kindergarten classrooms modeled beeswax into food that one would find on the Thanksgiving table.

Img 4940Apple Blossom Garden

A glimpse at the beeswax table of treasures in Miss Ieva's room.

Img 27261st Grade: Spanish

First graders working with numbers in Spanish class with Senora Julian.

Cam007372nd Grade: Arithmetic

The second grade is finishing up their first arithmetic block has been busily crafting number houses to practice all their times tables.

Cam007262nd Grade: Lantern Paintings

A lantern painting for Martinmas shines a warm light after the previous week's somber autumn mood.

Img 3775 e14806941493104th Grade: Stars

Fourth graders made stars to decorate their classroom for the Holiday Market.

Img 26517th & 8th Grades: Haiku

A few of the haiku that the students created after spending time outside on the school grounds.

Img 26527th & 8th Grades: Origami

Origami "Wonder Keepers" that were folded to encase a deep wonder, written by each student.


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