In the Classroom 11/18/2016

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Img_2149Wonder Garden

Feeding the chickens on their morning walk.

Img_2156Early Childhood

Stepping over stepping stones that are varied in height, material, and width. This allows for strengthening balance, coordination, and executive planning!

Img_45121st Grade: Thanksgiving Celebration

First Grade celebrated Thanksgiving with Mr. Whobody and the Whokins.

Img_45081st Grade: Painting

First grade painting lesson. The twelve wise women bestowed their gifts on the baby Brier Rose. The uninvited thirteenth came to cast her spell.

Img_45021st & 2nd Grades: Extra Lesson

The first and second grades Extra Lesson class engaged in foot writing. An important developmental step is to release the feet from the hands which once worked together for crawling locomotion.

The activity strengthens hand use by isolating its function.

Wp_20161117_0052nd Grade: Pumpkin Pie

Making pumpkin pie!

Img_21383rd Grade: Pancakes

Making pancakes with Mrs. English.

 Img_21444th Grade: Thanksgiving

The fourth grade had its own celebration today! They made and enjoyed homemade sweet potato gnocchi and popocorn.

Img_2163-17th & 8th Grades: Handwork

A glimpse of handwork of the seventh and eighth grade class.


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