Img_0063Moving Along

From the youngest in our school to the oldest, the children learn to carry along what they need, to be innovative, and to be strong.

Img_0099Early Childhood: Knighting Ceremony

In the spirit of the Michaelmas season, some of the early childhood classes are singing a song about taming a dragon followed by a knighting ceremony for the two children who tamed the dragon that day. We promise to go forth and do good deeds!

Img_0102Early Childhood: Movement Journey

In the Wonder Garden with Miss Kelly and Miss Egle, the children are stepping over stepping stones on a movement journey during circle. A wonderful example of strengthening the sense of balance!

Img_0108Early Childhood: Soup

Soup is on in all three of the early childhood classrooms! The children chop and prepare the vegetables to add to our soup. A nutritious and delicious meal for all!

Img_43161st Grade: Painting

First grade wet on wet watercolor painting from a story about a bee that tickled the flowers into liking him.

Img_01142nd Grade: Language Arts

Second grade has been building on their noun-verb language arts lessons with verse and rhyme. Now the nouns are working with the verbs, coming alive in truly beautiful ways—couplets and poems. The fables we've been hearing come alive in our painting lessons (Aesop's "The Fox and the Grapes.")

Img_01104th Grade: Fractions

The fourth grade is in the midst of their first fractions block. We have been exploring fractions in nature, in food and in story. Looking at the the various parts that make up a whole, and understanding how they fit together, is important foundational work for our future explorations with turning fractions into equations.

Img_01165th & 6th Grades: Our Rocky Planet

Our planet is like an onion made up of many layers. In the center is the solid core, which is surrounded by the mantle and the crust. We live on the earth's surface on top of the crust—the thin outer layers that carry oceans and continents. These layers developed early in the earth's history. During the earth's formation, denser material, such as iron, sank to the center, while lighter materials such as silicates and other minerals rose to the surface.


A slideshow of this week's photos:

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