AWSNA Summer Conference - Thank You!

The annual AWSNA summer conference was extremely interesting this year. There were schools represented from across the country—even one from Australia! The topic of this conference was diversity, which left many of us feeling the impact of our suburban demographics.

The speakers included a few Waldorf alumni sharing stories of how, even in a Waldorf school, they struggled with their differences. It was quite powerful, indeed.

I attended the conference as the Da Vinci Waldorf School delegate, thanks to the generosity of those at the Giving Circle event in February who funded the conference fee. Special thanks to the Setoodehs for arranging and purchasing the plane ticket to Washington, D.C. Thank you, Caroline and Amin!

The collective work we do in the wider Waldorf community is vital to our own learning and forward movement. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the school.

Elizabeth English

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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