Leo Klein To Visit Water's Edge

Leo Klein, renowned Dutch artist and Waldorf educator will visit Water's Edge the week of March 7-11.   As he did when he visited last year, Mr. Klein will mentor our teachers and offer his unique and rich experience with Waldorf education, art,  and Anthroposophy to our parent community.

Leo Klein began painting professionally after more than 40 years of teaching at Waldorf schools in the Netherlands. He is a self-taught artist with work displayed in private collections in many countries, as well as 150 pieces on loan in Europe, circulating through Dutch Waldorf schools. Klein also has experience working sculpturally with wood, wax and clay, and graphically with oil crayons. “Art connects our thinking and our deeds,” according to Klein. “It is an important part of our education, providing food for our feelings--it gives me pleasure to share my work with students and teachers of Waldorf schools.” For the past 17 years, Mr. Klein has visited schools and training centers in Canada, The United States and the Czech Republic where he works with teachers and parents to deepen their understanding of children and appropriate education.  Klein, now in his 80’s, lives in Rotterdam with his wife, Ada, who also works with sculpture and painting  and is a retired Waldorf teacher. Klein diligently creates new masterpieces during the summer months to showcase throughout the Netherlands and North America during the remainder of the year. "It is the task of art to change the world,” commented Klein. “With every artwork, we create something in the world that does not get lost."

Some examples of Leo Klein's paintings can be seen at  https://www.78thstreetgallery.com/artists.php?artistID=015





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