5th Grade - Pentathlon - Ancient Greek Olympic Event

In the fifth grade, Waldorf students learn that the original Greek Olympics were an expression of a golden age when the ideal of the human form, in physical beauty and inner grace, came together to create something heroic within the individual and bless all those fortunate enough to witness the event. As the stories brought by the class teacher take the children deeply into the imagination of this period in time, they begin to intellectually, physically and emotionally experience an entire culture. To this end, the fifth grade pentathlon emerges.

Annual Midwest Waldorf Greek Pentathlon Games, May 16-18, 2018

Last week, the fifth graders travel to Camp Whitcomb/Mason in Hartland, Wisconsin to participate in this year's pentathlon. The pentathlon is an incredible event, held each year for fifth grade Waldorf students from around the country. Each child is randomly placed (with children from other schools) into one of six Greek city-states (the teams of Athens, Ithica, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, and Olympia.) The city-states then complete in five Ancient Greek Olympic events- javelin, discus, long jump, wrestling and foot racing. As they compete, the students strive with great intention to give form to the Greek idea of the hero (the union of the divine and human). On the second day of the three day trip, parents are invited to witness their child participate in the official events and join them for a special ceremony that honors their skills.

On the final day, laurels are awarded to select students to recognize their skills in truth and beauty. Like the ancient Greeks, the judges look for both who threw the farthest or ran the quickest (truth) and who performed the skills with the most grace in their form (beauty). Our school is proud to announce that three students received laurels this year!

Each child did an amazing job, made new friends, and enjoyed their trip!

Many thanks to Mrs. Faden and Miss DuRocher for coaching and accompanying the students, to chaperones Mrs. Tuffy, Joey DuRocher and John DuRocher (Miss DuRocher's brother and dad), and to alum parents Suzanne and Mike Dooley, who served as this year's Zeus and Athena. DVWS is charged with filling these two roles each year (open to all from the community except for current 5th grade parents.)

Enjoy a few photos, below, or you can enjoy the full album of 50 photos here.  Password: waldorf2016

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