In the Classroom - 4/7/2017

Early childhood spring mud puddlesEarly Childhood—Spring is Springing

There will be puddles, mud, and worms. Who are we to judge? Dress for the weather and enjoy it!

Planting spring seeds 1st grade1st Grade: Planting Seeds

The first and second graders work with Mrs. Fiskum to plant Johnny Jump Up seeds for a spring flower display.

St. Jerome and the lion drama 2nd grade2nd Grade: Play Preparations

The second graders in costume,  preparing for their upcoming play, St. Jerome and the Lion.


Farmer boy laura ingalls wilder yoke carry water3rd Grade: Carry That Yoke

The third graders have been reading Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which inspired them to made a yoke to carry water—just like the "olden days." They surprised themselves by carrying the 40 pound weight!

Planting potatoes farming 3rd grade3rd Grade: Planting

Third graders hard at work, planting potatoes with Mrs. Faden

Zoology animals 4th grade book project orangutans peregrine falcon4th Grade: Biggest Project Yet

Fourth grade animal reports in progress!

4th grade handwork cross-stich project4th Grade: Handwork

Cross-stitched needle cases are being carefully handcrafted by the fourth graders during handwork with Mrs. Griffith.

5th grade 6th grade spanish physics math5th & 6th Grades: Hard at Work

Physics, Spanish, and Math are just a few things going on in Mrs. Byrne's classroom.

African geography 7th grade 8th grade benin madagascar guinea ethiopia nigeria ethiopia kenya algeria7th & 8th Grades: African Geography

As part of our African geography block, each student in the seventh and eighth grade class was assigned a country in Africa to research and present a main lesson on. This included a review of the presentation given the day before, a presentation of the physical and cultural aspects of their country's geography, and a written summary of their presentation coupled with a related image.

7th & 8th Grades: Spanish

The seventh and eighth grade students prepared Ceviche, the national dish of Peru, as a part of their studies of food in Spanish class. After reading the recipe in Spanish, the students prepared the dish. Through this activity they were able to put their knowledge of the language into a practical experience.


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Morgan Branson
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