2nd & 3rd Grades - Saints & Heroes / The Golden Calf

Second graders are completing their last week of our Saints and Heroes block. Saint Francis and Saint Kevin are featured here from the chalkboard and watercolor paintings. I find it very interesting that animals become the messengers of the higher nature of humanity. Here the once vicious wolf agrees to make peace with the townspeople, only made possible by his deference to Saint Francis. Also, Saint Kevin the hermit is visited by a cow. After spending time with the saint her milk is quite abundant. Questioning how this could be so, the farmer is led to him.
In this stage of child development, students are beginning to see they have to choose between a higher and lower path. These stories encourage them to walk up paths that will serve and renew humanity.

Third graders continued what feels like a never ending story of the Israelites’ plight. Here in a painting the students relive the story of the golden calf, where the Hebrews learn, once again, both the mercy and the punishment God has for them. Soon, very soon, they will reach the Promised Land of Canaan.

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