Martinmas Pantry Walk—Thank You!

The Grades students made their final trip of the Martinmas season to the Pantry Walk on Friday.

The hands-on experience of giving to others is invaluable to children of all ages. Early Childhood students find excitement in choosing items to give and putting them in the basket with their own hands. Grades students make the trip to the Food Pantry on foot, with donations in hand—each one of them finding their own awareness, understanding and meaning in the experience, growing with each passing year.

A heart-felt THANK YOU to all who so graciously donated.

Please Note:

Our Fourth and Fifth Graders will continue collecting donations for the Food Pantry, and will visit it on Fridays throughout the entire school year. Please keep donations coming weekly, as you are able!

Items specifically requested: diapers, feminine hygiene products, personal care products, peanut butter, tuna, soups, macaroni and cheese, and cereal. Even fresh produce is welcome!

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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