Please Pull up a Seat: DVWS Annual Giving Circle

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Update 2/9/2019: Since Giving Tuesday, 11/27/2018 we have raised $31,352 for the Giving Circle. THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed!

What is the DVWS Giving Circle?

The DVWS Giving Circle is an annual opportunity for community members to gather together, share goals and dreams for our school, and decide together how to make those goals and dreams come true. 
Our school, like any non-profit organization, needs support to achieve its mission—but we also want your involvement. A portion of donations received will be spent at the direction of Giving Circle members. The Giving Circle's goal is to foster relationships and strengthen our school community beyond the financial realm by bringing collaboration, transparency, and community wisdom into our fundraising and fund allocation processes. The Giving Circle is an opportunity to create a spiritual connection within the community, uniting us throughout the year.

You are invited to invest your values and lend your voice to the future direction of Da Vinci Waldorf School.

Your gift at any level makes you a voting member of the DVWS Giving Circle. Every gift is a voice—all members will be invited to submit proposals about how to spend the Giving Circle fund. We will then meet and decide together how to allocate the dollars to best meet the school’s needs.

The Giving Circle fund allocation event will be Saturday, February 9th at 3:30PM at The Relationship Center.

You need not be present at the event to submit proposals for consideration, or even to vote (you may select a proxy to vote on your behalf.)
Proposals for ways to use fund will be due by the end of the day on Friday, February 1st.
Over the past three years our Giving Circle has brought 27 projects to fruition!
Do you have a vision you would like to bring to life?Givinghearthr e1543700429626

  • the first $10,000 of the Giving Circle fund will go toward the operating budget; all remaining funds will be used as the Giving Circle members direct
  • all are invited—parents, teachers, staff, board members, associates, businesses, community members, friends, and family—please spread the word
  • any proposal that is in line with the school’s mission and long-range plans will be considered
  • all gifts are tax-deductible
  • donors giving $500 or more will be recognized as Cornerstone Members
  • you can donate all at once, or set up monthly installments
  • after making a donation, you will be contacted with information about how to submit proposals for consideration during the 2019 Giving Circle event

Become a part of the collaborative spirit of giving at DVWS by making a one-time or installment gift.
We welcome online payments, or stop by the office if you prefer to donate by check or cash. Thank you!

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How did we come up with this unique program?
The Giving Circle process follows the Shared Gifting model developed by the Rudolf Steiner Social Finance group. Learn more about Shared Gifting here.  To get a feel for the process at DVWS, read about our previous fund allocation events, proposals and results here: 201620172018. The process is inspiring, informative and builds a community of collective action, mutually beneficial goals, and shared trust.

Thank you for considering our school for your gift dollars this year!

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