Sunflower Garden - A Word From Ms. Kelly

Greetings, dear parents,

The Sunflower children have enjoyed their outdoor play this past week, from snow to thaw. It was a joy to watch them sledding down our little hill until the snow had turned to slippery ice, and then-- to MUD! It was a nice warmish day Friday for our hike, and we had a lovely time in the woods.

In indoor play there have been many Kings and Queens, and little mommies too, taking care of the babies. We continued with the story of Mother Holle. There have been lots of good helpers with setting the table and preparing snacks. We painted with red last week and will do so again this week-- we are getting ready for Valentine's day in a couple of weeks.

Valentine's day (Feb 14th) is on a Wednesday and it happens that this will also be a birthday celebration, so it will be a very special day indeed. We will be making "heart pockets" the week before, to collect each child's valentines, and, dear parents, you are asked to make at home with your child a very simple (and not too large either) valentine for each classmate. Please bring 15 all identical to avoid hurt feelings and to ease the distribution. No candy, please!

Also please keep in mind the upcoming parent night on Tuesday Feb 6th!

Peace and blessings,
Ms. Kelly

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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