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The earth needs the raindrops
The day needs the light
And heaven needs little stars
when the day turns to night
A tree needs a little branch
Where a bird builds her nest
And we need a little heart
To love and to trust.

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

Lady Spring is surely leaving her dance with King Winter. We are ready!

This past week we concluded the telling of “The Hungry Cat” in story time. The children have acted it out. They are very eager and enthusiastic to help share a story in this way. Today I also let them play the story using the puppets I used to tell it during their play time. We shall next move on to a bigger, longer and noble Grimm’s fairy tale.

This week we used beeswax on Wednesday to model thoughts of spring. Beautiful inspirations of spring…butterflies, cocoon/chrysalis, snails, birds, nests with eggs, turtles….Lady Spring has fully arrived at our nature table and will share many other imaginations that reflect our natural world at this time of year.

As we turn from April to May, things get a bit busier with special projects for our dear mothers and puppet making with our Mighty Oaks. This Tuesday will likely be our last hike to the magic woods. In the spirit of Earth Day, we will take two large garbage bags and collect garbage as we wind our way back to school. If you would like to join us on this final hike, please let me know by Monday!

We are also officially in mud season, so plan accordingly with extra clothes in your child’s basket, mud/rain pants/boots/jackets, and even a towel and plastic bag in your vehicle for wipe downs and storage of the wet stuff. Enjoy!

Kind regards,
Donna Brooks

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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