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My Lady Spring, she’s dressed in green.
She wears a primrose crown,
And little baby buds and twigs
Are clinging to her gown.
The sun shines if she laughs at all
And when she weeps, the raindrops fall.
My Lady Spring. My Lady Spring!

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

Lady Spring has stepped more deeply into our room. Oh, the wonder when children notice that she has moved closer into our space. Oh, the beauty to feel like she is finally arriving outside! Then it gets cold and snows…but nature moves on. I saw a bluebird on a nature walk today. The buds and birds say spring is here. I tell the children that sometimes Lady Spring and King Winter dance. Attached is a picture that captures the dance...dandelion and ice!

This past week we continued the telling of “The Hungry Cat” in story time. The children began to help me move the puppets and be characters. We also have acted it out. We shall continue this for a couple of more days and then move on to a bigger, longer and  noble Grimm’s fairy tale.

I have been doing many “kindergarten adventures” this past week which are assessments for grade school readiness and noting any potential hindrances…as well as strengths! This coming week, we will hold to a more regular rhythm…painting on Monday, hike on Tuesday, beeswax modeling on Wednesday, bread on Thursday, and soup on Friday. We are also working on a beeswax project with Ms. Tuly that is for a special gift in May.

A note about clothing…'tis the season for mud boots, mud/rain paints, and lighter jackets. Then again…snowpants may be the way to go. Please look at weather forecast each day. It is always good to send in a warm hat as it can be chilly in a.m. on the play yard even on a more mild day. Check your child’s basket to make sure there is a change of clothes in a ziplock bag w/name on it. Extra socks are a must in rainy season. On another note about clothing, I’ve noticed a lot of distracting clothing being worn by children (silly pictures on shirts with words, etc.). Just a reminder that it is best to send them in simple, non-distracting clothing that is good for play. KISS  is the acronym…Keep it Simple, Sweetie.

We have a month and a half left of school. Let’s make the very best of it. When true spring weather hits, the children start to “fly away!” Let us all do our parts to “hold them” in these final weeks.

Kind regards,
Donna Brooks

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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