Sunflower Garden News, 1-23-15

Snow hill on the hike

Our weekly hike last week took us to the mountaintop! We played on, slid down, jumped off of, dug into, and built upon a big snow mountain we found on our hike. It was arduous play. I wonder  how well the kids sleep on Tuesday nights after all our time outside full of fresh air and exercise.
In story time this week, I am telling a simple nature tale puppet show I created with some inspirations from puppets Miss Sarah had and this idea of finding “treasures” when one goes out into the woods and explores. It is about two animals who leave tracks, tracks, tracks in the snow and a boy who follows the tracks and finds treasures in the woods. This week children brought me chunks of ice from outside and exclaimed, “I found a snow crystal!” One child even put a chunk in my pocket! They were harkening back to this story I’m telling.
We will continue this story next week as we transition our circle a bit to more winter themes and movements to keep us energized and strengthened.


Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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