Preschool Outdoor Activities: Winter Marshmallow Roast!

Preschool Outdoor Activities: Winter Marshmallow Roast!

The snow fell beautifully last Monday night, leaving us with fresh, fluffy snow and lots of tracks, tracks, tracks, we found on our weekly hike on Tuesday. As a result, the tracks of mice, cats, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, dogs (and maybe even coyotes?) dotted our path. We celebrated mid-winter and the hopeful exit towards spring on Wednesday with a bonfire on the play yard. Preschool outdoor activities connect us to nature in a very different and beautiful way.

Thanks to Olivera and Neeru for supplying the “righteous” marshmallows we enjoyed!Da vinci waldorf school -2015 - preschool outdoor activities - winter marshmallow roast!


Snow, snow has fallen today
Come, lets go out to play.

We'll roll three balls,large, medium, and small
And build a snowman. proud and tall

Then play a game before we freeze.
I'd like to play fox and geese
We can make angels with pretty wing

Lie down and give your arms a fling.
After awhile. we'll surely tire,
so we'll go inside and sit by the fire


Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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