Sunflower Garden - In the Classroom 1/25/2020

Sunflower Garden

Last week the Sunflower Garden castle turned into a hospital!

So many sick patients were transported from unit to unit and treated with care.

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Sunflower Garden

What a busy month of December we had: sawing and sanding, sanding, sanding.
"Is this a train?" "A building block?"
The guesses kept coming... until one day we rolled the dough with the thing we had worked on so hard.
“All this work for this?” someone exclaimed.
Even simple things require lots of work. I hope they will be well used at your homes!

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Sunflower Garden

Pulling is a great activity for everyone. Recently the teachers were taken for a ride!

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Sunflower Garden

Sledding fun!

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Sunflower Garden

No sleds around? We quickly find the way to do down the hill!

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Sunflower Garden

From before the snow—a field full of ponies!

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