St. Nicholas Day—Tuesday, December 6th

First of three in-school celebrations of divine wisdom & love

3e28387e-1f15-4603-871b-055ffc556e23St. Nicholas of Patara was a third century Bishop of Myra (near the present day village of Demre in Asia Minor). He left anonymous offerings to the poor in their shoes or stockings. St. Nicholas Day is also called Children’s Day and is considered just as important as Christmas day in countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland where it is commonly celebrated. It is a holiday that honors the spirit of giving in a gentle, magical way. As a traditional story of St. Nicholas concludes, “The earth is wide and great. There, where Saint Nicholas cannot go himself, he needs helpers all over the world to help spread his goodness.”

St. Nicholas represents one’s “higher self” to the children, as he embodies goodness, understanding, and wisdom. St. Nicholas carries a golden book into which deeds both good and bad are recorded. The teachers will assist St. Nicholas in sharing the strivings and successes of our children to be included in the “Golden Book” from which he’ll read. Ruprecht is quite contrary and mischievous and will assist St. Nicholas that day.

St. Nicholas and his sidekick Ruprecht will visit children in preschool through third grade this year. Many of the children will have heard the story of St. Nicholas in their classrooms, but his visit is a special surprise for them!

“Nicholas, Saint Nicholas, come to us today!
Ride upon your white horse from far, far away.
Bring us golden treasures! Fill our hearts with love!”


Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
Articles: 1675