We had our annual Christmas pageant on Friday, and it was such a beautiful, reverent, and special experience. Throughout the seasons there are festivals of many kinds that are traditionally taken up in Waldorf schools. During this darkest time of year people of all faiths ceremoniously lean into the darkness through festivals of light. Although the pageant that we present at this time is not traditional for Waldorf schools, it is representative of the traditional telling of the story of the birth of Christ, as well as the precursors to this event. The students worked very hard to bring all of these pictures to life in a joyful and musical presentation.

Thanks specifically to Elizabeth English for her vision and leadership and bringing all the parts together; thanks to class teachers for their preparations with the students; thanks to all the parents, admin and other teachers who enabled the logistics work, and thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this a true community celebration!


Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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