On The Web: Just one of Nature's Benefits for the Brain

"Nature ... is surprisingly beneficial for the brain," says a recent article at boston.com, the on-line site for The Boston Globe.

The article focuses on the effects that urban life can have on the brain, and says that time spent in nature can have a restorative effect. Concentration takes effort, and busy urban life "overstuffed with stimuli" means constant redirection of attention. It has impact on memory, attention, tempers...

On the other hand, "...children with attention-deficit disorder have fewer symptoms in natural settings. When surrounded by trees and animals, they are less likely to have behavioral problems and are better able to focus on a particular task."

Waldorf schools know that this is nothing new. We keep our children away from screen time (just as overstuffed with stimuli) and bring them outside to play. Old-fashioned and cutting-edge at the same time.


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Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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