LOCATION & TIME CHANGE: Grades Martinmas Lantern Walk – Friday, 11/10


New information:

The new location for our Grades Lantern Walk is:
Lakewood Forest Preserve - Winter Park
  • There will be plenty of parking so we will no longer need busing.
  • Permission slips are no longer needed.
  • All grades parents should pick up their children at the normal pick up time of 3:30PM and meet at the park at 5:00PM.
  • After the lantern walk, there will be light refreshments.

Martinmas Lantern Walk is a family event—all are welcome!

What is Martinmas?

Martinmas commemorates the spirit of St. Martin of France, a man who was known as the patron saint of beggars, drunkards, and outcasts. The gentle Martin was able to see the divine nature in all human beings. According to legend, St. Martin passed under an archway in the city of Amiens and discovered a poor beggar, shivering and nearly naked. The young Martin took his own cape, tore it in half, and covered the man to warm him. That night Martin had a dream in which he saw Christ wearing this same piece of cape. The experience confirmed in him his devotion to all mankind regardless of their station in life. Martin became known for his ability to bring warmth and light to those who were previously in darkness. The French and other European countries remember St. Martin with a festival of lanterns.

What is the Lantern Walk?

Each year at the time of Martinmas our community gathers for a walk, lit only by lanterns, as the evening dims to darkness. It is a time of reflection, as Autumn is turning colder and we prepare for the long dark winter ahead. The Lantern Walk symbolically affirms that light can continue to shine, even as the light and warmth of the sun are waning. During this time, light and warmth come more from our homes, and from the fellowship of friends and family. Carrying a light into the darkness in the company of others—as we do during the Lantern Walk—can be reassuring.

We hold a coat drive and food drive at this time of year, in the spirit of St. Martin. The day of the Lantern Walk will be the final opportunity to contribute to the coat drive, and you are welcome to bring your donations to the event. The food drive will continue weekly until November 16th.

Please Note: We are outside for this festival, and it will be held off school grounds. The walk is open to all wishing to attend, but it can be difficult for very young children or for grandparents to endure the walking and the weather. It is often cold, so please keep that in mind and dress warmly! Students will make their own lanterns. Parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. should bring a lantern or flashlight from home to use during the Walk.

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