Join Us February 20 for Curriculum Night & Open House + Family Potluck Soup Supper

open to the public  |  childcare available  |  optional tour for visitors

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2020openhousecurriculumevening11x17 1Da Vinci Waldorf School invites you for an exploration of Our Place On Earth and a glimpse into how the study of geography unfolds for Waldorf School students from Early Childhood through Grade Eight.

Please RSVP by Monday, 2/17 for planning purposes.

Presentations will be followed by  workshops. Each participant will choose two of three workshops in order to dive a little deeper into the topic. 

Our dedicated faculty will lead the presentations and workshops and answer questions. This event is open to the public. Consider bringing along a friend or relative who is interested in an inside glimpse of our school and program. Childcare will be available on a donation basis.

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Be sure to come early for a Family Potluck Soup Supper @ 6-7PM! Be sure to BYOS* if you're able!

* B Y O S = "Bring Your Own Sustainables" OR "Bring Your Own Stuff"!

Be a steward of the Earth by bringing your own sustainable/reusable plates, bowls, napkins, utensils, and cups to school events whenever possible.

Workshops will include:

My World is Getting Bigger: A Fourth Grader’s View (Mrs. Fiskum)

A new way of counting that takes one world and breaks it apart—Fractions and Norse Mythology.

I am here. Will someone give me some direction?- Compass Directions and Mapmaking

Geography and History in Grades 5 & 6 (Mrs. Ecklund)

How does the geography of a place influence the culture and economic life of that place? We will explore this question through some topographic sculpting. 

The World as a Living Organism for Grades 7 & 8 (Mrs. DuRocher)

In this session of our curriculum night, we will be focusing (briefly) on the physical, cultural and political geography of Africa. We will learn a song from the Ewe people of Ghana and experience some work with pastels while we discuss various aspects of this continent's great history and its incredible topography.

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