1st and 2nd Grades: Cooking Class

The first and second graders enjoyed cooking class this week, making use of our new "teaching island" outside the kitchen. They loved preparing their birthday celebration meal, which consisted of lemon-herb bread and homemade ice cream!

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2nd Grade: Watercolor Painting

Our second graders explored watercolor this week.


3rd Grade / 7th & 8th Grades: Reading Buddies 

The third graders each teamed up with their seventh and eighth grade "reading buddies" for the first time last week, and enjoyed some one-on-one time together. They will pair off for a few weeks and continue to rotate partners throughout the year. This process helps the younger students with their reading skills, and enables older students to develop their patience with helping another.

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4th Grade: Food Pantry Service Project

Our fourth graders are engaging in a service project with the local food pantry. They will be taking donated food and toiletry items to the food pantry on Fridays throughout the entire school year.


5th and 6th Grades: Botany

The fifth and sixth graders are learning about the different kinds of plants, their parts, and their life cycles. Children shown here making signs for their collection boxes.

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7th & 8th Grades: Badminton

The seventh and eighth graders are learning to play badminton during morning physical education.

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7th & 8th Grades: Florence Cathedral

This week the 7th and 8th graders learned why the Renaissance began in Florence in the early 14th century rather than some other city at another time. Projects like the completion of the cathedral—after the devastation of the Bubonic plague—offered opportunities for many artists and craftsmen. Many innovations and inventions were needed to achieve the Florentine vision for this building, which still draws tourists from around the world today.


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