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In the classroom 4/29/2017

Early Childhood: Worms & Millipedes

The natural concentration of a child focused on nature.

A child-created habitat for millipedes, and another for worms.

In the classroom 4/29/20171st Grade: Scarves

The first graders completed their knitted scarves this week and are all so proud!

In the classroom 4/29/20171st Grade: Clay Modeling

The first graders modeled ants out of clay. Students searched for antennae and leg twigs to complete their hand modeled ants.

In the classroom 4/29/20173rd Grade: In Bloom

The third graders did a great job planting these bulbs last year. Don't they look beautiful under our school sign?

In the classroom 4/29/20173rd Grade: Farmers' Feast!

The third graders enjoyed a spectacular Farmers' Feast last week. They made (or helped their parents make the dishes that they've read about in Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. What a delicious way to bring the stories to life!

In the classroom 4/29/20174th Grade:  Local Geography

The fourth grade is in their first week of a local geography block. They are learning about the different kinds of maps, different ways to use maps, and how scaling works. This is the fourth grade's first introduction to geography as a social science, and it will continue and grow as they progress through the grades.

In the classroom 4/29/20175th Grade:  Preparing for the Pentathlon

The fifth graders have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming Pentathlon. They've been learning and practicing discus throwing, javelin throwing, long jump, Greek wrestling, and relay foot racing in preparation for this event. They will join other 5th grade classes from several area Waldorf schools to compete in these events at the annual pentathlon, which is coming up May 17-19.

In the classroom 4/29/20177th & 8th Grades:  En el super mercado

The seventh and eighth graders visited the Tres Amigas super mercado on Tuesday to put their knowledge of Spanish to practical use. Following a list, they discovered many brands not typically found in stores where English is primarily spoken. The students spoke with the employees of the store to get help to find the items on the list. It was a fun way to get acquainted with Hispanics in the Wauconda community.

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