5802b170 152c 415e 81d0 28234165b719Early Childhood: Sunflower Garden

Our work, our play, our song....

While children free play, we also grind rye berries to use in our bread and the oldest students finger-knit jump ropes as we prepare to bring more levity into our lives!

96e94365 51fe 4f6d 82d3 e09b19be3a861st Grade: Starfish Painting

Working with contrasting colors brings children an experience of balance in mood. Think what it would feel like if the star were green or a deeper blue?

1b89f74f 6609 4445 ba2d 960c71952a991st & 2nd Grades: Language

First and second graders have been learning the basic parts of speech this block, including nouns, verbs, and finally—adjectives. This early practice with language is helping to build vocabulary and reading fluency, as well as nurturing the capacity for (later!) creative writing.

B4131b03 7cf1 4080 8374 6923c88a5e1a3rd Grade: Money

As we venture out into the world and learn how to make our way, we find that trade becomes more and more difficult as items for trade are not the same. Enter a more universal exchange: The almighty dollar! The third grade is learning how to count money, and make change for purchases.

1e97a713 7f10 43fa 9b89 5e49d5e759d74th Grade: Class Play

The fourth graders wrapped up this year's play block today, presenting two performances of "Thor With Giants" to students, teachers and parents. They did a great job bringing the characters to life, and making us laugh!

Thank you to Parker Playhouse in Barrington for the use of their theater space.

A127b8bf e4a0 4da1 b47b 7733f28d4f445th & 6th Grades: Constellations

The fifth and sixth graders created these string boards of the constellations to support their learning of astronomy.


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