336e5c55 4d21 4116 8709 4b7468690d77Early Childhood: Valentine's Day

A little extra love being sent home from Apple Blossom Garden to their siblings.

One of our precious boys said that as he was kneading the dough  "I shooted love down my arms, through my hands and into the bread." He took it home and cut it up for his family. He gave his sister a nice, big piece. He gave his mommy a piece. He saved a piece for daddy (who wasn't home yet). He cut himself a small piece. He gave his Nona a big, middle piece and said the middle has the most love! Then, his sister liked it so much she wanted more, so he gave her his own piece! He says that his most powerful super power is his love. We agree! 2764

04073f78 ee11 47bc b86f 483df5b6ec9fEarly Childhood: Slide "Game"

Over the many years of our early childhood program, we've seen variations of this slide "game." There is more than meets the eye to this sweet picture of multiple children going down the slide one after the other. This game has some rules of engagement, made up by those playing it and by the "boss of the game." They are negotiating, working through conflicts, learning to be considerate, testing boundaries, having a great time when it is working well, and then shedding tears when things aren't going the way they expect. Shortly after this picture was taken, one of the mostly smiley children was sitting next to the slide, crying. Something had gone wrong in this "bump on the slide" game. A teacher checked in with her, and in no time she was up laughing, smiling and continuing to play the game. Imagine how much work goes into five or six children between the ages of four and five figuring out a game of their own imagination. We are blessed at DVWS to have a space where children can play deeply.

052ef8fb 8adc 4d1b b4dd 317245e1209fEarly Childhood

Early childhood children recreating circle time during their free play.

D448651f 17ac 46bb a1a1 a52458c73f243rd Grade: Square Numbers

As we practice our times tables in third grade, we begin to find shapes and patterns within them. This table shows how our square numbers are truly "square." More to come on this at the end of the year!

16692653 7c5d 4e9d bd79 b37dd2b2f6155th & 6th Grades: Six-Fold Symmetry

Mathematics present many undeniable truths. In the Waldorf geometry curriculum, this begins with the 6-division of the circle, also known as six-fold symmetry. It can be constructed outside the circle or by overlapping circles, as you see here. Truths of this kind create an understanding within the students and build a security and faith in the world around them, as they see something that is “always so.” This is very important is our ever-changing world!

Ddffea93 98ff 48b2 acfe baa209f8f2e67th & 8th Grades: Class Play

The seventh and eighth graders have been hard at work building sets, learning lines, and rehearsing for their annual class play—"Scenes from Childhood Literature," featuring Captain Cully from ​"​The Last Unicorn​,"​ by Peter S Beagle and Leaving Neverland from ​"​Peter Pan and Wendy​,"​ by J. M. Barrie. They performed their dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon for the teachers and grades students, and on Friday evening they performed for everyone. They did a great job!  Look for photos in next week's News. If you have photos of the play experience, including rehearsals, children in costumes, set making, the curtain call, or before/after the show, please email them to Elisa Kraus. Thank you!

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