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Img_4746Early Childhood Moment

Peeling a quail egg helps develop dexterity and certainty in the hands.

Img_44371st Grade: Woodland Story

First grade chalkboard drawing from a woodland story. Observation of nature and seasons, along with the magical stories of the tiny creatures are the beginning of scientific study of our world.

Img_07991st Grade: Obstacle Course

Balance, aiming, cooperation, and fun for all.

Cam007061st & 2nd Grades

Telling scary stories on a rainy day.

Img_08832nd, 7th and 8th Grades: Tamale Making

This week the second, seventh and eighth grade classes helped Señora Julian make tamales for the grades classes to enjoy next Wednesday on Día de los muertos.

The seventh and eighth graders helped prepare the dough, meat, and sauce for the savory tamales, then the second graders assembled them. There will be sweet tamales for the vegetarian and vegan students.

Img_08343rd Grade: Sukkah

As is traditional in Waldorf schools, the third grade class built a sukkah last week. We built our sturdy sukkah from (mostly) found materials in the garden and prairie, and decorated it with traditional harvest items.

The sukkah is representative of the temporary dwellings of the Israelites during their forty years of travel through the desert after the exodus from slavery in Egypt. Third grade students resonate with this feeling of being alone in the world and having to find their own way, so these activities in the curriculum enliven their belief that they will be alright in the world.

Img_08864th Grade: Camping Trip to Camp Edwards in East Troy, Wisconsin

Please visit the separate blog post for this field trip to read about it and view many photos!

Img_08375th & 6th Grades: Camping Trip to Starved Rock State Park near Oglesby, IL

Please visit the separate blog post for this field trip to read about it and view many photos!


Img_08828th Grade: Machine Sewing

The eighth graders recently completed their first machine sewing projects. They were asked to design and construct an accessory that includes a zipper and provided scrap material. Here are their designs.

Img_0833Recess Moment

Students, hard at work preparing piles of leaves in which to JUMP.

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