Reminder + Addendum: Halloween Costume Guidelines for All Students

Reminders about Halloween Costumes

Addendum: No faux or toy guns or knives may be brought to school.

Children look forward to the fun and excitement of this autumn tradition. When October 31 is on a school day, the school celebrates with costumes and a parade. Just as some children choose a fanciful costume such as a wizard or ballerina, other children will choose a spooky costume, perhaps a ghost or a witch. No matter what the costume, please remember that older and younger children will enjoy our parade together. Use your best judgment as to the scariness of a costume, and be prepared for a bit of fun!

Early Childhood: The early childhood faculty ask that costumes be simple and allow for the children to play freely. EC costumes should also be media-free and inspire creative, imaginative play!

Grade School: In the grade school, remember that there will be small children involved in the parade. Costumes cannot have blood or full, over-the-head masks, and must allow students to engage in full participation and movement on a regular school day. The teachers will discuss appropriate costumes with children beforehand, and will make the final decision about costumes in their classes.

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