Giving Circle 2017-2018: Why, What & How


Why are we doing it this way?

After years of experience with Shared Gifting through the Rudolf Steiner Finance grant, we wanted to bring this model to our community to change the the way donors are involved in the uses and direction of their gifts. A true community spirit is kindled when each person is given a voice in the activity of the school. This is the third year for the Giving Circle here at DVWS. It replaced our traditional Annual Fund Campaign in 2015.

How does it work?

The fund

Tax-deductible gifts to the Giving Circle create a fund that will be administered by the donors (you!). The fund is made up of all gifts after the initial $10,000 (which goes to the operating budget).

The ideas

Each Giving Circle donor will be asked for proposals for their ideas, which will be presented to the group in advance of the Giving Circle decision-making event. If a donor does not submit a proposal they will still participate in the process by selecting and funding others' ideas.

The meeting

  • The Giving Circle decision-making event will be Saturday, February 10th, at a time and location T.B.D.
  • At the meeting (which is like a fun game show), the fund is distributed equally among all the donors. No matter the amount of the gift, everyone will receive the same amount.
  • Proposed project ideas (such as increased programming, curb appeal projects, classroom or play yard improvements) will be written on large sheets of paper and hung on the wall across the front of the room. The number of ideas could be as many as there are donors, but likely will be narrowed down to around ten or less.
  • Each donor offers their share of the fund to the item(s) of their choice. Basically donors vote on projects with their dollars. As the process continues, the original amounts can be moved by the donor until everyone is satisfied. It is possible that some items will be fully funded, that some will be partially funded or that some with be withdrawn from consideration.
  • Partially-funded ideas can be rolled over with their funds and held for the next year. Circle members may also choose to add extra dollars to the fund with further donations in order to fully fund a project.

Additional details

  • Every gift is a voice. Your gift, at any level, makes you, or person you designate, a member of the DVWS Giving Circle.
  • Donors giving $500 or more will be recognized as Cornerstone Members.
  • All donors will be listed as members of the Giving Circle in the Weekly News and annually in the foyer.
  • The operating budget need for the fund is $10,000 and as of 12/8/2017, gifts total around $7000.
  • Anyone can be a Giving Circle member- parents, teachers, staff, community members, businesses, friends, and family!
  • As long as the proposed ideas are in line with the school’s mission and long-range plans, they will be considered.

Start thinking about what you’d like to bring to the school and to our students!


Please join by giving a gift of any amount by January 12th.

Thank you for considering our school for your gift dollars this year!

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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