DVWS, Recipient of Two Grants

Grant #1: Soon the unsightly garage will benefit from a Waldorf School’s Fund grant of $4600.

Plans to improve the use and appearance of the space will be submitted to the township for approval. The school hopes to transform the garage into a partial pavilion and storage system. The school is grateful to the trustees of the fund for their support.

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Grant #2: $2900 Grant from Mid-States Shared Gifting
The Mid-States Shared Gifting weekend took place last weekend in Minneapolis. This unique process allows each participating school to engage in the granting process which includes review of proposals, verbal presentations by each school, and final decisions in distributing the fund. This year 19 schools attended. The fund was established by the late Elise Casper who wished to see the middle of the country embrace Waldorf education. Her only stipulations were that the fund serve this region, and that the proposals submitted support associative economics.

This year the DVWS proposal requested funds to support to expansion and development of the farm and garden program in association with the parent community and the hot lunch program.

Part of the $2900 will be used to consult with Robert Karp of The Biodynamic Association. His experience with farms and gardens, and his ability to bring ideas and people together are an ideal pairing. I hope any of you who are interested in the future of our garden and land, with the educational value of connecting with the earth, and potential income streams possible with a strengthened affiliation with our community will be part of the consultation. Please keep an eye out for dates and more information.

Searching for and receiving outside funds is a new initiative recognized in the school’s strategic plan that was developed earlier this year. The school has widened its focus so that fund raising is not the sole burden of the community it serves. The school has reduced its expectation of in-house development goals by approximately $30,000. I hope to continue receiving more wonderful news about other grant applications as the year closes.
While there is a shift to lighten the load, our school still needs our financial and volunteer support!Please do all you can to sell Equal Exchange products, attend the Holiday Market, and give all you can, when you can. Your efforts and support are appreciated each and every day. Each of you is vital to the conversation about the needs, wishes, plans, and ethics surrounding money.

DVWS is our school, and together through each careful interaction we weave a community where each thread makes it stronger.

Submitted by Kristine Fiskum

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Morgan Branson
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