DVWS Board of Trustees Seeks New Members - Apply Between Now and May 10th

NewboardmembersDVWS is seeking to strengthen its board by the addition of two new trustees. The length of commitment is for a 2 or 3 year term beginning immediately following our May 2018 board meeting.

Applications accepted through Thursday, May 10th.

  1. Trustees shall have a commitment to Waldorf education in general, beyond DVWS and the education of their own children.
  2. Trustees shall recognize that Waldorf Education is based on the life work of Rudolf Steiner and shall have a respectful openness to Anthroposophy and a sympathy for social and cultural renewal as expressed in Anthroposophy.
  3. Trustees shall have applicable business and legal experience beneficial to the board's duties.
  4. Trustees shall have demonstrated their willingness to work for the school, including the expenditure of personal time and energy.
  5. Trustees shall have a commitment to the long-term development of the school.
  6. Trustees shall have an interest in generating funds for the school.

What are the responsibilities of the Da Vinci Waldorf School Board of Trustees?

The board of trustees, with elected officers, is required to maintain the school’s legal status as a 501(c)(3) Illinois nonprofit corporation. The board of trustees, along with the faculty and administration, carries the vision of the school. The board ensures that the programs and policies of Da Vinci Waldorf School adhere to its philosophy and purpose. The board is responsible for the financial and legal aspects of the school. The board and faculty share administration of the school. Specific board responsibilities include: financial management, legal and ethical issues, enrollment work, long-range planning, annual and capital fundraising (development), and the management of the building and grounds.


If you are interested in serving and would like to find out more information, please contact contact Joe Anderson.

How do I apply?

If you are ready to submit your name for consideration, please fill out and submit our DVWS Board of Trustees New Member Questionnaire.​  [maxbutton id="30" ]

DVWS is appreciative of all who show interest in serving DVWS via board membership.  Please note that due to the limited number of available seats, not all applicants may be accepted at this time.

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