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Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming
Birdies, build your nests
Weave together straw and feather
Doing each your best
Doing each your best

Dear Apple Blossom Garden Families,

I hope you will all enjoy tonight's Auction!!! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I am flying to Boston in an hour to run the Boston Marathon Monday morning.  I will be back to school on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, our Apple Blossom Garden will have a hike on Monday with Mrs. Jenn and Mrs. Carmen. Mrs. Reegan will join them too! Due to the heavy rains this weekend, please make sure that your children have rain gear from head to toe (especially rain pants and rain boots, NOT snow boats).

In our circle time, Mrs. Carmen is bringing a lovely farming circle. I would say, a song about a scarecrow is everyone's favorite. 🙂

In our story time, Mrs. Carmen is telling the Brother Grimm fairy tale "7 Kids".

All week I have been doing "Kindergarten Adventures" which is a code for assessing readiness, capacities, and hindrances of our Mighty Oak 6-year-olds who are going to first grade next year. What a fun time! We will enjoy our Adventures for the next couple weeks.

Mrs. Ieva

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Morgan Branson
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